Monday, June 8, 2009


In celebration of my tenth post here at, I am here to just say "thank you" to all of my readers who take the time to read my blog and hear new, exciting Twilight-related news. I looked at my site stats the other day, and I have had 47 hits, since I made this a few days ago! Sure, that may not be much, but at least it's a start! What I am really saying is, I want YOUR opinion. How do you like the blog so far? Do you like where it's going? What would you like to see in future posts? Tell me! It reallys helps to hear some advice from you all. To give me the advice, all what you have to do is comment this blog or send us a direct message from Soon, we hope to have a myspace, a facebook page, and etc. to get our blog going, but for now, we are going to stick with Twitter. Once again, please tell me what you think and thank you for visiting. Woo-hoo! Ten posts!

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